Monday, 26 December 2016

Kuta Beach Bali - Beautiful Sunset in Bali

As Famous as The Heart of the Bali Island, Kuta beach is always able to bewitch visitors and viewers have been coming. Located on the Western side of the Bali island, It is only minutes away from Ngurah Rai Airport.

White sand and Sunset in Kuta Beach Bali

You know Bali, so you know this beach. Its white sand will flow and massage your feet while walking there on a windy day. And the waves is good enough to challenge your adrenalin to surf with your board. Kuta beach is so special, it is why people love to come.

Little different with Another  beach or the Sanur Beach that famous with Sunrise, Kuta beach is up side down, Here is famous with the Sunset. The Sunset really will beautify your beautifully. Kuta Beach Sunset is a reason why people around the world come and enjoy the beach since Morning until Night. They are waiting for the sunset in the evening.

Kuta Beach Bali - Beautiful Sunset in Bali
It is taken by herwin_hien (Instagram)

History of Kuta Beach Bali in advance

Kuta Beach Bali - Beautiful Sunset in Bali
it is taken by iruy_7 (Instagram)

Years ago it was trading port. A merchant came from Denmark set up trading places in this beach. It is Mads Lange, He was so famous around kings in Bali. It was the 19th Century.

Many people that do not know about Kuta Bali is Kuta Beach Bali was a habitat of the Green Turtle that endangered and become protected animal. But now, it is moved to Tanjung Benoa Beach.

Reasons for Coming to Kuta Beach Bali

Kuta Beach Bali - Beautiful Sunset in Bali
It is owned by cici_chenyx (Instagram)

The reason is Because of beautiful, The sand is beautiful, the waves are beautiful, the wind is beautiful, the sun is beautiful, and the people there are beautiful. As I said above, Kuta Beach will beautify your beautifully. Many people know it. The Beautifully of Kuta Beach will beautify your day in Bali, beautify your Honeymoon in Bali, beautify your love in Bali and absolutely beautify your life in Bali.

Do not worry about Hotel in Kuta beach, about the restaurant in Kuta Beach! They are ready to serve you around the Beach. All of them are really close from the Beach.
And also do not worry if you feel tired because downing the beach, Some Mom Local villagers are waiting for you to Offer Massage service. The cost only IDR 75.000, It is around $7.

Asfahul Muhib, Banyuwangi, The 26th of December 2016.

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