Thursday, 29 December 2016

Senggigi Beach - Evidence of Natural Beauty in Lombok island

[Featured] Senggigi Beach - Evidence of Natural Beauty in Lombok island

There is nowhere place looks like Senggigi beach in this world. Maybe that sentence is the matches sentence to say about Senggigi Beach Lombok.

This is a simple quiet beach with unexplored beauty nature. It will be the best destination when you decide to find a spectacular beach. A traveler (Kate) said this beach is virtually abandoned, but She never has ever seen an ocean this blue.

I do agree with what Kate has said, the interesting thing here is the panoramic view of the sea. The sea water is so clean and clear, even you can see immediately some shoals of fish that swim freely in the sea.

Why must Senggigi Beach be visited?

Doing Snorkeling in the Sea of Senggigi will be your unforgettable memory when exploring Lombok Indonesia. Because coral reef life in Senggigi is still untouched up to now. This is the reason why people love to come and do snorkeling in Lombok Island.

There are some tourism places in Lombok Island, Gili Island, Rinjani mountain, Kuta Beach, etc. And Senggigi beach is one of them that worthy to be a destination for our trip.

Dive into the underwater world of Senggigi is very fun because you will discover the natural beauty of the sea. You can rent snorkeling equipment at a beach location, not far from the entrance gate Senggigi Beach.

Senggigi Beach Hotel

Senggigi Beach - Evidence of Natural Beauty in Lombok island

Do not ever worry about Hotel when you visit Senggigi Beach. Some hotels are ready to serve you. As like shown on the Photo I take from Google Map. You will so easy find a hotel for your Night by your phone.

Asfahul Muhib,
Banyuwangi, December 29th, 2016.

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